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Dublin is where our whiskey was born and raised, but after nearly two centuries in the city we thought a change of scenery would do us some good. So in 1975, we chose country living, moving to the green surroundings of Midleton Co. Cork.

Irish Whiskey Trail Jameson Experience Midleton Distillery Cork

The original buildings at the 15 acre Midleton Distillery site are almost as old as their Smithfield counterparts, and have been used to distil and mature our whiskeys since 1825. It doesn’t hurt that we’re much closer to our barley farmers as well.

irish whiskey trail jameson experience midleton distillery

The new surroundings have also allowed us to create a range of guided experiences which take in the exterior and interior features of the old distillery grounds. For those just acquainting themselves with the world of Irish whiskey, our Jameson Experience guided tour is the perfect place to start. If you want to dive deeper into our production process, the Behind the Scenes Tour and Premium Whiskey Tastings will quench that thirst.

Irish Whiskey Trail Jameson Experience Midleton Distillery Cork

Midleton is also the home of the Irish Whiskey Academy, our state-of-the-art training facility that has become our own dedicated whiskey institute. Offering courses on the production and heritage of Irish whiskey, the Academy has become a sort of spiritual home for self-proclaimed Irish whiskey nerds and connoisseurs.


The Irish Whiskey Trail Irish Whiskey Academy at Midleton Distillery Cork
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