Hyde No. 1 President's Cask Oloroso Sherry Finish

Irish Whiskey Trail Hyde Irish Whiskey HYDE Single Malt Irish whiskey is made from 100% malted Irish barley in one single distillery location. It is double distilled in small batches on a traditional copper pot still. Then matured for over 10 years in flame charred, first fill, ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky in the U.S.A. , before finishing in Little Island on the coast of  County Cork Ireland for a further six months in either a Sherry or a Dark Rum cask. We use only local west cork spring water to ‘cut’ our whiskey into small 46% alc./Vol. batches which are ready to drink.   DOUBLE MATURED: We use TWO different casks to age all our SINGLE MALT whiskeys.
  • The majority of the Irish whiskey industry use just Bourbon casks for their entire maturation process, ex-bourbon barrels from the USA .
  • At HYDE we use TWO different casks to age our single malt Irish whiskey!
  • STAGE ONE: For the First 10 years Hyde single malt is aged in flame charred, first fill, 200L Oak Bourbon barrels, from the USA.
  • STAGE TWO: For an additional 6 months we transfer HYDE into toasted Oloroso sherry casks, 250L ‘Hogshead’ casks made from white oak, from Cadiz in the Andalusia region of South West Spain.
  • WHY? The flamed bourbon casks initially add a sweeter vanilla and caramel flavour, followed by the toasted sherry casks which add a nutty, spice, dried fruit, and toffee character to the final dram.
  • BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT! Sherry oak casks are far more expensive but our view is that they are worth it for the richer character they add to our final HYDE whiskey. Oloroso Sherry cask cost €800 each. Bourbon Casks cost just €80 each.

Hyde No. 1 President's Cask Sherry Finish Whiskey Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Delightful notes of peaches & cream, vanilla, barley malt softness, with citrus, sweet, honey, caramel, chocolate, orange, lemon, banana, & infused with spices.
  • Taste: Wonderfully smooth yet complex, creamy yet fruity with notes of caramel and Manuka honey, apricot, plum, and a silky malt texture
  • Finish: Rich, Spicy, & Oakey. It lingers in the mouth with a long rich finish.

Stuart Says

I have long thought that the future of international Irish whiskey marketing lies in differentiating ourselves from run of the mill Scotch or Bourbon with innovative new products such as Hyde. We should also tell great personal stories about the whiskey and the people who make it! As you can see from all of the above, Hyde Whiskey have a story and a half to tell and they are just starting on their journey. Interviewing someone like Conor Hyde is a pleasure. He is modest, professional, passionate and disarmingly open when talking about Hyde Whiskey. As you can see, the branding of this initial Hyde Whiskey release is of very high quality with finely balanced references to his own Hyde family, Presidential Links, Irish History and West Cork connections. I think that we are seeing the return of quality Irish whiskey to West Cork with the birth of an exciting new Irish Whiskey Label.

Hyde No.1 President's Cask Irish Whiskey Fact File

  • Brand Name: Hyde Irish Whiskey
  • Name: Hyde No.1 President's Cask
  • ABV: 46%
  • Age Statement: 10 Years Old
  • Whiskey Type: 100% Double Distilled Single Malt Irish Whiskey.
  • Cask Type: Old Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry Casks
Two Pooka Irish WhiskeyPooka Scale: Two on the Pooka Scale