Kilbeggan Distillery. An Irish Whiskey Connoisseur Experience

I was privileged to attend the very first of these very special Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Connoisseur Experience events last week hosted by Kilbeggan and Cooley Global Brand Ambassador John Cashman.

Kilbeggan Distillery VisitA select group are taken on a very personal and special, private tour behind the scenes in Kilbeggan Distillery. This really is the Irish Whiskey equivalent of the Golden Chocolate Bar in Willie Wonka!

Amongst the treats in store were:

A Welcome Brief and talk over an Irish Coffee on the history of Irish Whiskey and Kilbeggan Distillery by Cooley Whiskey Global Ambassador John Cashman.
A personal and private guided tour of the whole Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Museum and Distillery by John Cashman.
A meeting with the Master Distiller.
Tasting the Worts and freshly distilled Whiskey spirit in the Kilbeggan micro distillery.
Bottling your own bottle of Cask Strength Irish Whiskey at Kilbeggan Distillery

Bottling your own Irish Whiskey at Kilbeggan Distillery

Bottling your own Irish Whiskey at Kilbeggan DistilleryA visit to the “vaults” involving tasting some very special Whiskey from the cask. Bottling a “Naggin” of your own preffered tipple from the barrel. Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Distillery.

The distillery tour concluded with a Private lunch and whiskey tasting with John who shared some gems from his own personal whiskey collection with us. This was an incredible and very special afternoon which I can personally highly recommend!

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The upcoming dates are Friday June 6th, Friday July 4th, Friday 1st August, Friday 5th September.

For further details contact Kilbeggan Distillery Visitor Centre.

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